UTS Project

Pantone Pantry


Pantone Pantry is a fresh twist on the online recipe archive — transforming the search process into a delightful journey of visual discovery.

A rainbow of colour fills the computer screen, delighting the senses by playing with the connection between what we see and what we eat.

Visiting the website, you are presented with a visual array of ingredients organised by colour. With the knowledge that you already have particular ingredients but are not sure what to cook, you hover over an ingredient to find out its name and click on it for a list of recipes which involve that ingredient.

More unusual ingredients would offer a bonus “Foodie Fact” button allowing you to learn more about that ingredient, such as uses, health benefits and taste.

You could potentially use Pantone Pantry as a tool for planning menus based on an event colour scheme, sharing your own recipes with other users, and creating customised printable artworks with the colourful photographs.

You have a particular ingredient that you wish to cook with. You hover over an ingredient to find out its name and click on it for a list of recipes which involve that ingredient.

You choose your desired recipe from the list of suggestions. For lesser known ingredients, an arrow is located beneath the pop-up box with an instruction to click on it if you wish to learn more about the ingredient.

Are you curious to find out extra information about an unusual ingredient? Simply click on the arrow below the pop-up box.

On the recipe pages, each type of ingredient is clearly laid out at the top, along with a unique and colourful layout of the recipe’s method. The focus is on the imagery, so you can then reveal the ingredient’s title and quantity by hovering above each image with your cursor.

The event planning experience can be transformed with an exciting and interactive search process. Why not finish off your event’s colour scheme to the tee by colour coordinating the food? Bright yellow lemons for summer or deep red apples for autumn. Creative centrepieces could be easily organised for any special occasion when searching by colour.

You could also click on a season of your choice from the navigation tabs, causing the ingredients to filter and re-arrange themselves into that specific colour palette. Alternatively you could choose from a list of holidays and the list of recipe suggestions would also be tailored to suit the specific holiday.

Feel inspired by your fellow foodies by viewing and sharing their personal colour collections. An online community that sky rockets the search process into a whole new dimension of delight.

Pantone Pantry is not limited to creating delight in the online domain. How about turning your favourite colour scheme into your own piece of art? Create your artwork by arranging the ingredients on a provided template, select from various size and framing options and wait in anticipation for your unique design to arrive at your doorstep.

If you’re out at the supermarket and trying to think of what you’ll make for dinner that night, or find an interesting food but don’t know what you could make with it, Pantone Pantry could come to your rescue.

With QR codes throughout the supermarket, you would be able to scan the code with your smart phone and immediately view recipe options for that ingredient. It could even tell you if the ingredient is in season and provide an informational summary for the more unusual ingredients.

The conceptual project was designed to be showcased at our Honours mid-year exhibition. The responsive website was paired with a research booklet with an in-depth explanation of my inspiration for Pantone Pantry, how the website works and its many potential uses.