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myGov Beta


Together with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and Services Australia, we designed the foundations for the future of myGov.


Australians view the government as a single entity, however there are many separate agencies that make up the government. To create the future of myGov, we needed to uncomplicate the way people find, understand and access government payments. Content had to be structured in a user-centric way to support and empower Australians when interacting with the government. The platform had to be designed and architected to deliver the envisioned user experience in a secure and extensible manner.


We worked with DTA to outline the roadmap using a phased approach, with three “horizons” to gradually roll out features, payments, content and onboard further government agencies.

Across myGov Beta, we delivered over 70 features, 400 user stories and over 270 design variations at pace. Our releases focused on including services impacted by COVID-19, including delivering the website, as well as a refreshed authenticated myGov experience including a dashboard with an at-a-glance view of a citizen’s Centrelink payments, profile and myGov inbox.

The design system produced by the V&I design team sits across both myGov and This solid foundation was key to ensuring the delivery of consistent, high quality designs and build within a large team working at pace and concurrently on two government websites.

The new experience structures information around key life events where a user interacts with Government, surfacing clear and succinct details in a visual, card-style format based upon the ’Netflix model'. Content now resembles users’ understanding of Government as a single body. Aided by the refreshed, modern look and feel, users can now browse across agencies and access streamlined pathways to action.


MyGov Beta is a single place to view Government information, benefits and services that can be scaled to onboard future agencies. Users can now discover and apply for payments in a single platform without having to be knowledgeable about Governmental structures or departments. The myGov Beta authenticated site empowers Australians to self-manage their interactions with government by providing a more personalised and guided experience with clear paths to action.